Today is the day… BEGGING IS OUT NOW!

I’ve waited a very long time to be able to say that. I’ve gone on a real journey of self-realisation with this track. I forced myself to face my innermost demons in a bid of making peace with both my past and present. I explored the darkest eras of my life and this track was the outcome. It’s now time for you to join me on that journey.

Begging allowed me to speak honestly about what it is truly like to live with BiPolar Disorder for the first time. It allowed me to discuss the highs, the lows, the confusion, the worry and the dread. Begging is me literally ‘begging’ those closest to me to never give up on me, despite my many, many flaws.

I want to thank my musical brother, Joe Cross, for providing me the safe space to truly look inwards on myself. Without his input, and support this record would have never happened.

Begging is yours now. Please be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else.

Love always,